Hi! I'm Jessica.

Photography has always been a deeply rooted passion of mine... For a long nine years and counting! It all started in my senior year of high school when we had the opportunity to learn about the many different forms and uses of communication in a class course. It was then that I first picked up a digital camera and allowed it to open my eyes to the same, yet completely different world. It's never been the same since!

When we allow our minds to be free of expectation, preconceived thoughts and societal norms and instead allow ourselves to absorb and see our surroundings with "new eyes", we begin to see the world very differently. From the simplest of forms around us to the things we've always taken for granted, inspiration and beauty is all around us. Have you noticed? Your clothes may just be threads sewn together, but compiled, styled and worn, it's more than just clothes, it's an extension of who you are. It's your way of expressing yourself and your vision. By seeing things differently, we can transform anything into something worthwhile and with passion and creativity, we can transform that anything into something beautiful.

If you couldn't tell by now, my works showcase just that! Take something normal, rejig it a bit and create something new out of it. Oftentimes I like to showcase that of a simplistic beauty. I encourage my viewers to evoke their own thoughts and emotions when viewing my work and try to find connections to  it from your own. Concentrate not just on the subject or object, but also as the photograph in its entirety. See through the photo, see the emotion behind the photo and wonder beyond what has been captured.

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